Myles Gray

Crystal Healing and Candles

Have you ever smelt something that instantly bought you back to a memory or a moment in time? It's the incredible, strong effect fragrance has on our olfactory senses in our brain. We are wired through our senses, and we have found a way to harness that connection and include energy healing from crystals. We've done the research, we've matched the fragrances to their crystals and provided the affirmations for Heightened Healing. All you need to do is pick the product you are most drawn too, or the one that describes what you are needing in your life, and enjoy... it's that simple. And it's that simple for a reason. Energy Healing doesn't need to be complicated.

Crystal Infused Diffusers

If the colour and the opulence doesn't make you say "wow", the fragrance is sure too.  Perfect for those who want a constant aroma in their home, from sweet to woody we have a fragrance to suit any nose. Each diffuser is infused with crystals to increase and protect the energy in your space.