Thai Lime and Mango Bath Bomb 150g

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Thai Lime & Mango Bath Bomb Fizz by Planet Yum let's you immerse yourself into the calming buzz of a Thai holiday Spa. Lemongrass, lemon peel & kaffir lime burst forth in the initial fizz which soon opens up the deliciousness of ripe dripping mango juice. Totally fresh, totally satisfying

The size of a tennis ball.

Phthalate-Free, Paraben-Free, SLS-Free & Gluten-Free, Not Tested on Animals.


Food grade Citric Acid, pharmaceutical grade sodium bicarbonate (bicarb soda), Canola oil, Polysorbate 80, fine fragrances & essential oils, FDA approved colours. 

About Colours: Planet Yum bath bombs are formulated with a natural wash off dispersant (polysorbate 80) to assist in non-slipping & non-staining, however, Planet Yum makes no guarantee that bath bombs will not stain surfaces, and will not accept any liability for any damage caused. It is common for bath bomb colours to become part of the bath tub ring, but should clean off with your regular cleansing agent or white vinegar.  Please consider this before purchase.

About our fragrances

Our fragrances consist of many aromatic ingredients, some natural and some safe-synthetic, blended to our perfumers' specifications. Natural components are extracted from plants or flowers such as essential oils, absolutes, and synthetic components are manufactured from lab-made nature identical molecules exactly replicating nature's. All material used in the production of fragrances is safe for use according to the International Fragrance Regulation Association (IFRA). None of our fragrances contains phthalates or parabens, and none of the ingredients are animal derived, and no products are tested on animals.