Beer Artisan Goat Milk Soap 120g

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Now you can bathe with the brew you love. Two things are certain in life - B.O. is bad, and beer is goooood! Right guys? Planet Yum's Extra Stout Beer Soap is made from genuine Guinness, but don't worry, it doesn't smell like the left-overs from a buck's party. You'll get a natural hint of herbal hops & sweet barley from the Guinness, and some deep sexy masculine notes of amber and light citrus. Because this is natural goat milk soap (the real deal with creamy skin nourishing cocoa butter) you can even wash your hair or shave with this soap because the beer's proteins strengthen hair shafts and condition skin cells.

Handmade in Australia by Planet Yum. Approx 145g


Saponified oils of Coconut (Non-GMO), Australian olive and canola, castor bean oil, fresh goat milk, perfume & essential oils, cocoa butter, FDA approved skin safe pigments which are USP and EP grade and is suitable for use in food, drugs and cosmetics.

About our fragrances

Our fragrances consist of many aromatic ingredients, some natural and some safe-synthetic, blended to our perfumers' specifications. Natural components are extracted from plants or flowers such as essential oils, absolutes, and synthetic components are manufactured from lab-made nature identical molecules exactly replicating nature's. All material used in the production of fragrances is safe for use according to the International Fragrance Regulation Association (IFRA). None of our fragrances contains phthalates or parabens, and none of the ingredients are animal derived, and no products are tested on animals.


What's So Good About Goat's Milk & Goat Milk Related Products?  There are some really unique ingredients in goats' milk that are not found in other milks.  The number one goody is called Selenium.

Selenium is an antioxidant which fights against free radicals, and also combines well with the naturally present alpha hydroxy acids in goat milk to slough away dead skin cells.  Even natural non-goat milk soap doesn't do that, unless it contains exfoliating grains or oatmeal. So another point for goat milk soap.

As you wash, the alpha hydroxy acid in goat milk soap removes dead skin cells by breaking down the glue that connects them together.  The process of natural exfoliation is so gentle you can't even feel it. Basically - not only does goat milk soap clean your skin it also removes old damaged tissue which can help prevent infection.


Goat milk is packed full of skin loving' vitamins too - in fact it is high in vitamin C, B, E and contains loads of Vitamin A.  Vitamin A is an essential ingredient that repairs damaged skin, and helps maintain overall skin health. 

At Planet Yum we choose fresh milk from dwarf Nigerian & Nubian goats because their milks are naturally super-creamed, sometimes 5 - 10% more than regular dairy goats.

Natural goat milk soap can benefit some people with sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain additives like alcohol, petroleum and preservatives. Prevention is better than cure!  Reducing the risks of skin irritations and allergic reactions in the first place is the key!  Natural goat milk soap gently removes impurities therefore softening, moisturising and smoothing skin.